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Chanielle Talbird MS, CLS, CLC, CD(DONA) is an author, educator, and healthcare professional. Her published books include: "Working For Mommy's Milk Factory", "Have Your Cake & Eat It Too", "Lioness: Prayers & Affirmations for Women Leaders - Volumes 1 & 2. Mrs. Talbird specializes in Administration and management, and holds several nationally recognized certifications.

Chanielle earned a Bachelor of Science of Healthcare management (2011), and a Master of Science in Hospitality management (2018).  She is a certified Early Childcare Educator. She co-founded Unique Family Children's Home Care, a family childcare agency in 2019. Chanielle and business partners have successfully earned over $50,000 from Childcare Tennessee. Her training includes the Small Business Academy with CCR&R (Childcare Resource & Referral) center, Tech Goes Home through Signal Centers,  TECTA (Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance) certification, and Accreditation by National Family Childcare Network. 


In 2016, she became a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International. She earned her Certified Lactation Counselor credential through the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice (ALPP) in 2017. In 2020, she earned a certification as a Lactation Specialist through Lactation Education Consultants. 


Chanielle is an active member of DONA International, holds several board positions as the Member Chair for the Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition (SCBC) and an educational committee member for the Memphis Area Lactation Consultant Association (MALCA). She has been recognized as a Designated Breastfeeding Expert (DBE) in her previous role as a WIC Peer Counselor at her local Health Department. Chanielle's professional field experience includes leadership roles as a certified birth doula and a lactation specialist for almost a decade. 


Chanielle's passion is to empower international women in securing, strategizing, and sustaining their dreams.  Chanielle Talbird Consulting comprises telehealth & in-person lactation services to families, provides educational resources to healthcare-related organizations, offers business consulting solutions to early childhood educators and business owners, and proudly showcases an eCommerce bookstore.

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