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Chanielle strives to provide birth and postpartum services for families. 


I want to begin a flourishing relationship with women who are expecting, provide them with childbirth and lactation education resources, and assist them with the most effective birthing and breastfeeding outcomes. 

Lactation services are available virtually or in-person. Clients can opt for the TeleHealth option and receive quality support in the comfort of their own home. 

Families seeking quality childcare can book a free 15-minute consultant and receive free community resources. 

  • Birth Doula services $900 (includes lactation support, payment installments available) Purchase Here

  • Breastfeeding support $50 per hour (accepts TennCare- BlueCare, Wellpoint, United Healthcare) Purchase Here

  • Group Childbirth classes $40 per family (prenatal & postpartum mothers with one support person) Purchase Here

  • Individual Prenatal Lactation Education $35 Purchase Here


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Are you ready to go back to school? Are you ready to pursue your dreams in birthwork?

This course is uniquely designed for rising birth workers interested in providing birth doula and lactation care God's way. 


Faith-based birth workers interested in working towards professional certifications can contact Chanielle Talbird Consulting for educational opportunities and resources. If you are interested in becoming a faith-based trained birth doula and a certified lactation specialist, then this opportunity is for you.

  • Faith-based Birth Doula & Lactation education $400 (6-week course) Purchase Here

  • Access to Child Development Associate (CDA) resource center $20 monthly subscription (no-contract) Purchase Here

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Are you ready to start your childcare business? Interested in enhancing or expanding your early childhood agency? 

Chanielle Talbird Consulting provides child care resources specific to your State. I would be honored to assist you in beginning the first steps towards creating a safe and quality experience for parents and their little ones. 


Publishing a book can be a daunting task but it is so fulfilling. Allow me to do all the work and assist you with publishing your first book. 

  • Childcare Business Solutions $100 per hour Purchase Here

  • Book Publishing Consultations $50 per hour Purchase Here

  • Professional Allied Health Association consultation $50 per hour Purchase Here

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